About Mrs. Albright...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           August 29, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians, and Students,

tations from the Shakespeare-crazed dweller of S-9!  My name is Sabrina Albright, and I teach 6th and 7th grade History and 7th grade English at Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School.  This will be my tenth year at IVCMS, but I have been a teacher for twenty-four years (yes, since I was a toddler!).  I am very much a family-oriented person, and this applies at school as well since every year I welcome more children into my life and expand my school family.  Because we will be spending so much time together, my first priority as a teacher is to build personal relationships with each of my students and for students to feel comfortable with their classmates as well.  We will start off the year with introducing ourselves to the curriculum through building our class community.  Of course, we will soon be doing plenty of reading, writing, learning, studying, inspiring, and encouraging each other; however, making all of us feel at home in S-9 comes first.
As a parent, I appreciate knowing as much as possible about my children's teachers, so I like to make sure my students' families know a few things about me as well.  I earned my undergraduate degree at UCLA and my teaching credential at CSU Hayward.  I have taught 2nd through 8th grades in Hayward, Fremont, and Union City.  Although I taught and enjoyed elementary school for several years, middle school has a special place in my heart, and I love being able to teach here in Union City where my husband, David, and I have decided to raise our family.  Our daughter, Sierra Rose, has just started college and is attending Cal State East Bay as a Theatre and Business major, and our son, Benjamin, just promoted from IVCMS and is now a freshman at James
Logan High School.  Now that Sierra is living on the university campus, our six-year-old terrier mix dog, Rue, is getting extra attention from the rest of us at home.  Although she is a dog, we are all convinced that she is also part cat, part bunny, and part human baby.

    I am very dedicated to my family and to being a teacher, but I also have some hobbies that help make life even more fun.  I enjoy photography as a mom, an aunt, a sister, and a teacher.  One of my classroom walls is reserved for photographed portraits of (and work done by) my handsome and beautiful students.  I am also very interested in theatre. In addition to being a William Shakespeare fan, I did a little acting when I was in high school and college and have enjoyed going to plays and musicals ever since.  Along with my love for live productions comes my desire to incorporate acting into my teaching.  I often experiment with different accents and personalities as I read aloud to my class, and I encourage my students to get the most out of their language arts experience
by exploring their creativity as well.  I also occasionally use acting as a means of helping our history lessons come to life.    
    Although I am not an athlete myself, I am a big football fan and have rooted for the Raiders ever since I can remember (despite having been brought up in a 49er household). Even though I enjoy watching sports, my favorite activity on the weekends is just spending time with my immediate family as well as my sisters and their families.  I am so grateful that we are all as close as we are and that our kids have grown up together.  I consider myself very fortunate to have such 
special loved ones in my personal life and, as a teacher, to have the opportunity to get to know a whole new group of talented and bright young ladies and gentlemen each and every year!


                                                                           Mrs. Albright