Math Mentoring

What is Math Mentoring?

All students possess the ability to understand and apply mathematics. For some, however, learning math is intuitive and comes with ease and even enjoyment, while for others, it is a struggle that often comes with setbacks, resentment, and even negative experiences, making success in mathematical thinking and performance seem unachievable. Over the years, I have witnessed many students from the latter group be successful in mathematics and even challenge themselves with higher levels of math in high school and college. A fundamental key to their success was having a tutor, a friend, or a classmate who provided assistance, encouragement, and support when they needed it.

I have had the privilege of teaching some of Logan's brightest students in my advanced mathematics classes, and I believe these students are an incredible resource for helping their fellow students who struggle in mathematics. With this in mind, I invite any Logan students who enjoy and/or excel in mathematics to continue a program I started in 2011 at Logan that provides "Math Mentors" to students who need and want help in math. A math mentor is paired with a mentee, and after an initial meeting to introduce themselves to each other and arrange when and where they will meet, the two are expected to meet at least twice a week to work on math: going over concepts learned and questions about homework problems, reviewing for quizzes and exams, and discussing effective study and work habits.


Of course, for mentoring to work, both mentor and mentee must be committed to a single common goal: improving the mentee's success in math. When this happens, I have seen substantial improvement in the mentee's confidence and performance in mathematics; furthermore, I believe the relationship between mentor and mentee has the potential to foster a level of respect, appreciation, and even friendship between two students at Logan who might otherwise never know each other!

So...if you are interested in being a mentor or requesting a mentor, proceed to one of the two links below to read more and submit an application.

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