EMP Academy
From the fall semester 2012 through the spring semester 2021, this site provided resources for students enrolled in broadcasting and filmmaking classes based in the original Logan Live studio and Studio 104, which opened in the fall semester 2016. Please use the menu on the left to learn more. The instructor, Rich Yacco, retired from teaching full-time at the end of the spring 2021 semester. Many student-produced videos may be seen at LoganTV.net.
Logan Live!

TV Broadcast Technology / Electronic Media Production (EMP) I & II is a one year course taken over a two year period by students enrolled in the Electronic Media Production (EMP) Academy as part of the Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program.
Mission Valley ROP
Semester 1 is taken in the 11th Grade. Semester 2 is taken in the 12th Grade.  Semester 2 students produce the daily Logan Live! series. To view the course flyer please click here.

DVA 1 - P3 & P4
Digital Video Arts I and II
are one year courses for students who learn how to make movies. Students form teams to produce video projects in collaboration. Together they generate ideas for video projects and produce them. 

Multimedia Workshop 
is a one year course where students learn how to run, troubleshoot and manage the audio and visual equipment on the James Logan High School campus, produce live broadcasts of events, and create a variety of advanced video projects.