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Stay at Home Lessons

Because of the stay-at-home order placed until the end of the 2019-2020 school year, please use this to find the code for your class' Google Classroom Code:  Classroom codes 

You'll be enrolled in the Google Classroom for Media, PE, Science and Music. Each week, you will find a new lesson from each Specialist Teacher.

Lesson 1: Scales and Bill Withers

For week one, we will go over scales and talk a little about a great singer/.songwriter who recently passed away.  These links can also be found on the specialists website and your Google Classroom page.  The lesson links will be available every Friday, so check in weekly!

Hello from Mr. D:  Introduction: Hello if we can't be together...

TK-2/Special Ed link:  Warm up/Major scale/Bill Wither's Lean On Me

3-5 grades link: Warm-up/Minor scale/Minor Pentatonic/Sight read Bill Wither's