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Welcome to the Delaine Eastin Elementary music website!!  I will try to update this site not only for the general music class, but for the after-school groups as well.  To find assignments and songs, please click on "What's Next in Music" to view and download worksheets and songs.

Signing up for Performing Arts has gotten easier!  To sign up for the Performing Arts, please click on the following link to apply online:

Daily Instrumental Recorders Lending/Purchase

This school year Delaine Eastin Elementary will be offering families a chance to purchase a recorder (a woodwind instrument used to introduce wind instruments).  There will be a recorder class offered after-school as well (the performing art groups), but we will also use the recorder during the weekly music class throughout the school year for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  

If you are interested in purchasing a recorder for your child to keep, you may do so for five dollars (a $5 check should be made out to Delaine Eastin Elementary with a memo for recorders).  If you are unable to purchase a recorder from the school, you can borrow one from the school for the school year (the recorder will have to be returned at the end of the year if it’s borrowed, otherwise there will be a five dollar charge).  

It is important the recorders used for the class are similar (Yamaha YRS 24-B).  No other recorders will be allowed to be used for this class.  If you have purchased a recorder from the school in the past, that recorder can be used (the instrument will need to be checked before the student can use it in class).

Songs will be administered time to time throughout the year to give our students a chance to explore music and provide an introduction to instruments when they continue in middle school.  Please fill out this form so we can determine how many recorders we would need. The link will be active beginning January 7, 2019.