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Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

A personalized learning plan (or PLP) is developed by students - typically in collaboration with teachers, counselors, and parents—as a way to help them achieve short- and long-term learning goals, most commonly at the middle school and high school levels. Personalized learning plans are generally based on the belief that students will be more motivated to learn, will achieve more in school, and will feel a stronger sense of ownership over their education if they decide what they want to learn, how they are going to learn it, and why they need learn it to achieve their personal goals.

The goal of a personalized learning plan is to bring greater coherence, focus, and purpose to the decisions students make about their education.  The PLP will provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests, their strengths, skills and set both short and long term goals. The PLP also includes reviewing graduation requirements and the student’s progress towards meeting those requirements.

Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Sample  (Click on link below)