Congradulations to Rashab Sardana for winning the MVAL Singles
Championship and to Bryce Chao for capturing the MVAL
Doubles Championship

Boy's 2015

Monday February 17th - Tryouts and full practice start at 10 am at the Logan Tennis complex.   You must be there to fully experience the program and tryouts.  You need to be dressed and ready to play, we have rackets if you don't have one.  I do understand that family vacations may interfere, so if you can’t make it that day, try and get to practice as soon as possible that week, so you don’t fall far behind.  If it is impossible to make it until school starts in September, you should either send the captains first then me an email or call the school and leave a message for me, at Logan 471-2520 ext.  31926  and stop by the tennis court the first day after school. Once making the team, players will be moved to 7th period Athletic PE. From February 17th until school begins we practice in the mornings at 10 am, and then when school begins the team will bepracticing after school each day. have questions please contact team Captains: Rasab Sardana, Bryce Chao  or Kobe Tran  -