Hello and and a warm welcome to all students, parents and community to the James Logan High School Automotive Technology Program. This Mission Valley ROP program whose main campus is located in Fremont, CA and provides Career Technical Education in Technology, Engineering, Medical, IT, Business and Public Services fields with the primary goal to prepare our students for a successful future. Today's automobiles are one of the most advanced pieces of technology in use today, and that technology is shared across many other disciplines of technology as well. These vehicles require highly skilled and highly competent individuals who have the ability to maintain all standards of vehicle safety, quality and performance. Gaining those skills starts here where we learn and train using the latest technology, tools and standards in the industry, giving our students an edge for the future success.

      Most importantly it is my sole responsibility to provide my students with the most comprehensive learning experience possible through the teaching of Industry, Common Core and STEM Standards. Additionally we continually focus on the development of the students communication, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, which are all essential for career success. It is with my passion for my students that I make it a my daily goal to motivate, encourage and provide my students with the best education possible, which is my personal duty to my students, parents and the community.

The question is not what are you going to learn, but rather what it is you are going to discover?