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NHS FOM Board & Officer Positions

posted Nov 28, 2014, 7:39 PM by FriendsOfMusic Needham
The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and coordinate activities of standing committees.  Ideally, FOM will be headed by two Presidents, each serving two consecutive year terms, with the election process staggered to allow for both a new President and the continuity of the old President every year.

Vice President
Provides assistance to the President(s) and accepts special assignments. Carries out the duties of the President(s) when the President(s) is/are absent or unable to act.

The Treasurer is in charge of the financial affairs, funds, and keeping full and accurate financial records.  The Treasurer shall submit a written report at each meeting of the members.  Makes disbursements and bill payments, receive and deposit cash receipts, and is in charge of all accounting records and procedures including those necessary to keep FOM’s tax-exempt status with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Internal Revenue Service.

Assistant Treasurer 
Shares the financial management, record-keeping, accounting and financial reporting responsibilities for Friends of Music.  Fills in for the Treasurer if the Treasurer is absent from any meeting of members or directors. Specific duties will be determined collaboratively with the Treasurer.

Takes official minutes of NHS Friends of Music meetings and maintains official and legal records of the organization. Serves on the Executive Board.

Corresponding Secretary 
Responsible for keeping the FOM community abreast of  all the latest FOM news through email and the website. Maintains the FOM membership database each year as students graduate and new families join.