SCAS - Wargrave, Twyford and Knowl Hill Area CFR Scheme

Wargrave & Twyford First Response Scheme - CFR Serving Wargrave, Twyford, Hare Hatch, Knowl Hill and the surrounding area.

Wargrave & Twyford  are in the county of Berkshire and is surprisingly isolated from the nearest Hospitals.  Local Ambulance stations at Reading and Bracknell provide cover for the area, and in accordance with best practice, resources are often held on standby at Henley and Woodley, though standby points vary as the Ambulance Service dispatchers and systems actively move resources to provide best cover. (based in part on computer AI).  During periods of very high demand for ambulance resources,  vehicles becoming free at hospital (RBH for example) do have a fair run out to Wargrave. 

Wargarve & Twyford  are, for the reasons above, and the nature of the area the CFR scheme covers, quite busy, often with  2-3 999 calls per day. 

The map below shows the approximate primary area of coverage (yellow)  and secondary areas (lighter yellow) that we also provide cover to when neighbouring schemes are unavailable or deployed on another call.  In some cases (cardiac arrest) two schemes can be responded to the same call. An ambulance or paramedic car is always dispatched at the same time as the First Responder.

We are looking to fund a dedicated car to improve our service,  but do need serious support from the community to achieve this.

Find out more about the Wargrave Area Scheme, become a friend or find out how you can help here. 

Scheme News

  • Debbie launches Personal Training Site - Helping the local area get fit & healthy Debbie Walker, long term supporter of NHSFR and wife of Peter has launched her Personal Training Practice.  Click here to visit her site, mention NHS First Response and Debbie will donate your first session payment to the scheme !  
    Posted 17 Feb 2012, 05:45 by Peter Walker
  • Wargarve & Twyford First Responders support ambulance service with 4x4 cover over cold snap  Responders from the Wargarve & Twyford CFR scheme provided SCAS (South Central Ambulance Service) with round the clock 4x4 cover cover during the recent spell of Snow and Ice. Sam responded to a child in difficulty thanks for the her Landrover Discover was able to make it to the scene safe and sound, all were well after handover to the crew. Chris, Neil & Peter all responded to calls using four wheel drive and even deployed snow chains at one point.  We had two fully equipped vehicles on call for 72Hrs with a further vehicle standing by to transport any SCAS staff that needed moving around. Just another example of how the community based scheme can provide vital support to our community ...
    Posted 17 Feb 2012, 05:41 by Peter Walker
  • We are expanding and need you ! Twyford, Knowl Hill, Wargarve areas In the spring and summer of 2012 we are looking to increase the number of responders and aim to start a new dedicated scheme to cover the Knowl Hill, Cockpole Green, Warrren Row and Littlewick Green and surrounding areas (out to about 2 miles).So if you live near Wargrave, Twyford, Knowl Hill please do get in touch.  We need help with Fundraising, Recruiting, PR, and most of all Responding. Saving a life is not difficult .. you need to be fit and able, with less the 4 points on your driving licence licence and be keen to learn advanced life saving skills; including the use of AEDs (Boxes that restart the heart). If that sounds like you .. please get in ...
    Posted 20 Jan 2012, 03:36 by Peter Walker
  • Note of thanks from SCAS Paramedic for our response to a cardiac arrest The note below speaks for itself.. well done to our responder N. ! I attended an arrest a few days ago in X and your CFR (N) was there. He'd been on scene a little while before we arrived and I just wanted to let you know he was absolutley brilliant. He had parked well out of the way so we could get the van right to the door. He was doing excellent CPR ... N came with us (to hospital ed.) and was doing excellent CPR in the back with me. He got all the bags out of the house and was just really helpful. He said it was his first cardiac arrest so I just wanted to let you ...
    Posted 16 Sep 2011, 08:00 by Peter Walker
  • Waitrose Twyford - We are in the lead but need your help in July. We are one of the three charites being supported by Waitrose this month. We are in the lead with just a few days to go, please pop your token in the Twyford CFR Slot when your next in the store .. just a few days to go till the end of the month.
    Posted 25 Jul 2011, 02:26 by Peter Walker
  • Wargarve Festival on Saturday 25th Come and see us at the Wargarve Festival on Saturday 25th July between 12:00-17:00. We have a CFR stand where you can take a look at our kit & meet the team, you may even see one of us dashing off to an emergency call in the area.
    Posted 17 Jun 2011, 14:36 by Peter Walker
  • Feature in Wargarve News  Wargarve First Responders were featured in  the March edition of Wargarve News.The feature appealed for new responders to join and others to help with fund-raisingAny one interested can get in touch here  
    Posted 19 Mar 2011, 10:25 by Peter Walker
  • Can you be found ? Wargrave First Responders have been busy over the past couple of weeks, but have had great difficulty on two or three occasions locating the house. Before you need help ask yourself : Can My House Number / Name by clear seen from the road day & night by a vehicle travelling at 15MPH ? Go out and try yourself !If you type your address in to Sat Nav .. does it take you to your home ? (Don't worry if you don't have one , get your friends / neighbours to check, ideally several types).    If not complain to the Sat Nav / map companies, our responders and the Ambulance use Sat Nav to find you If you dial 999: If it is  night turn on as ...
    Posted 25 Feb 2011, 11:07 by Peter Walker
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