RAF Odiham Co-Responder Scheme

RAF Odiham First Response Scheme - Serving Hampshire.

The RAF Odiham Co-Responder scheme was born out of the National  First Response Tri Service charity. The scheme is under the control and management of South Central Ambulance Service, as an integrated part of its Responder Service.  

anned by volunteers from RAF Odiham, the car is sent to stand by where ever cover is required across Hampshire. All drivers are required to pass both the IHCD 3 week course (or approved equivalent)  and regular driving assessments in addition to the usual ongoing ambulance responder training.  

The car is equipped with electronic dispatch & mapping that allows the control room to track the vehicles movement  and task it as appropriate. 

A sister scheme is run out of MOD DCPG Southwick Park.

Hampshire Tri-Service Responder Schemes