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This site has been created to document the work of the many First Response schemes in the UK and as a resource for these schemes.  

The site will host the public pages of any scheme in the UK. At this time we host the South Central Ambulance Service Schemes at RAF Odiham & Wargrave.. 

This site is edited by:

Peter (Coordinator Wargarve)
James (Founder & Responder)
Sam (Responder)

We can be contacted on 0709 2225000 or via the contact form here 

The information and views on this site are solely that of the contributors and dos not reflect the position of any extremal organisation or ambulance trust. 
First Responders, Co-responders and CFRs are not employed by the NHS but operate under the control of local NHS ambulance authorities. 
No personally identifiable information will be published here, any call news will be made anonymous. Content will be removed on request using the contact form above.   
No warranty is given what so ever for the accuracy of the content herein, all treatment and protocol information must be confirmed with the NHS Trust concerned. 
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