High School - HOPE

If you have concerns or issues you would like to discuss with any of our active team members, please call the school and request to speak with any member of the team.
A referral form can be downladed here.
For more information on our HOPE team, please see our brochure attached at the bottom of this page.
Information on the dangers of synthetic drugs ("bath salts," "K2/Spice") can be found here

 HOPE Members

 Andrea Huffman  Teacher      215-862-2028 x3140
 Denise Connolly     Teacher                          215-862-2028 x3128
Sarah Reeder Guidance Counselor  215-862-2028 x3178
Staci Shade  Teacher  215-862-2028 x3110
Mary Lou Kufta      Instructional Assistant  215-862-2028 x3177
Doug Olszewski  Social Worker  215-862-2028 x3175
Hebat El-Turky  Guidance Counselor  215-862-2028 x3179
Charles Malone  Principal  215-862-2028 x3171
Marci Kelly The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc.  215-230-8205 x3163


Sarah Reeder,
Nov 12, 2013, 7:08 AM