Social Work Services

School Social Workers have varied roles and functions depending on the specific district needs.  Roles may include:

·         Individual and group counseling for students experiencing emotional, social, educational, family and community difficulties that affect school success including: life stressors, mental health concerns, grief and loss, divorce, peer pressure, etc.

·         Social skills training such as anger management, peer mediation, conflict resolution, coping skills, communication skills, personal safety, empowerment and advocacy skills.

·         Interagency coordination among home, school, and community resources in order to identify and secure needed services for students.  Examples include: referrals to local mental health providers for ongoing counseling supports, public assistance office for medical insurance, collaboration with county agencies such as Bucks County Children and Youth Services, Juvenile Probation, and the Bucks County Council for drug and alcohol services.

·         Participation in IEP development and implementation regarding counseling services.

·         Participation with Student Assistance Teams, Academic Support Teams, and Child Study Teams

·         Conducting home visits to assist in assessing students needs related to school, residency and truancy concerns.