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Systems of Equations (chapter 6)

Chapter 6

For Items marked with ‡ you must have a passing score on the concept to move on. In addition all of those items must be completed to pass the chapter.


Pre-Chapter Review

  1. Graphing a Line on a Calculator
  2. Graphing a Line by plotting points
  3. Parallel Lines

Solving Systems by Graphing 6.1

  1. Graphing two lines on the same axis with calculator (find intersection point)
  2. Graphing two lines on the same axis without calculator (find intersection point)
  3. Identify variables and axis part one
    Identify variables and axis part two
  4. Identify consistent and inconsistent Systems
  5. Identify independent and dependent Systems

Solving Systems using Substitution 6.2

  1. Solving an equation for a variable
  2. Solving a System with Substitution

Solving Systems using Elimination 6.3

  1. Putting an equation in Standard form(Ax+By=C)
  2. Adding equations to solve systems
  3. Subtracting equations to solve systems
  4. Multiplying one equation and then Add to solve systems
  5. Multiply both equations and then add to solve systems
  6. Identifying the number of solutions with Elimination

Applications of Linear Systems 6.4

  1. choosing a Method for Solving Linear Systems
  2. Break even Points
  3. Mixtures
  4. Positions

Linear Inequalities 6.5 *Weighted x1.5

  1. Identifying Solutions of a Linear Inequality
  2. Graphing an Inequality in two variables on the calculator
  3. Graphing an Inequality in two variables without a calculator
  4. Graphing a linear inequality in one variable
  5. Relating variables with inequalities
  6. Writing an Inequality from a graph

Systems of Linear Inequalities 6.6 *Weighted x2

  1. Graphing a system of Inequalities with a calculator
  2. Graphing a system of Inequalities without a calculator
  3. Writing a system of Inequalities from a graph
  4. Linear Programming

Matrices to Solve Systems of equations *Weighted x3

  1. TBA if needed