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T.A.G. Environmental Group


LOOK FOR OUR "Spring Clean up" for our adopted highway Windy Bush Road 
.  (Take Awareness Globally) is the middle school environmental club.  There are plenty of things you can do to help the environment, our school community and the New Hope community.  Stay tuned to the news program and to the posts on this 
page about upcoming events.

  • Stay tuned for information on our Fall /Spring Clean Up on 232 (Windy Bush Rd) as part of the Adopt A Highway Program in Pennsylvania


  • TAG meets every Thursday at lunch

What does TAG do??



  • UNLESS 2016- Help Save the Red Panda and Reduce your junk mail 


 Have you seen our new water filling station?    How many water bottles have we saved from landfills?  Come check it out.

    water filling station.jpg

Water Filling station:  TAG is trying to raise awareness about recycling as well as reducing the amount of trash each person throws away each day.  Our dance profits allowed us to purchase a new water filling station for the middle school.  Now students, staff, and parents can fill up their reusable bottles on the go!  

GARDEN: The front entrance way was designed by Hugh Marshall Landscaping and funded by the profits made through TAG's fundraising throughout the year.  

RECYCLING: In each classroom there are bins purchased by TAG to help  the school's recycling efforts.  Our members recycle each week and the profits we get back (based on pounds recycled) go back to the school.  Do your part and please recycle bottles, paper, plastic bags and containers.

TREE PLANTING:  TAG helped raise funds with the winning Future Cities 2013-14 team to plant a tree in our Remembrance Garden in memory of the students of Sandy Hook.  The tree will also be planted in a spot designed to utilize the soil properly for run-off as designed and researched by Future Cities.  

TAG Earth Day DANCE: Friday, April 21, 2017

HIGHWAY CLEAN UP: November and May- Check back for details

TAG MEETING INFO click here for our meeting minutes