Record a Video

NHSA welcomes everyone who supports Head Start to record a video explaining how the program has touched their life! To create your video and add it to the 27 Million Windows campaign, follow these steps:

1. Prepare Many people get nervous about being recorded. Talk to them first about the important details of their story. Here are some good questions to consider:
  • For Parents
    • What has Head Start done to support your child?
    • Has Head Start affected you personally?
    • Do you do anything differently than before you enrolled your child in Head Start?
    • What dreams do you have for your child's education?
  • For Alumni
    • Where and when did you attend Head Start?
    • What circumstances did you face as a child?
    • How have you succeeded in your life?
    • What makes you want to participate in the Head Start community now?
  • For Staff
    • What inspired you to work with Head Start?
    • How have you seen children or families change through Head Start?
    • What need is there for Head Start in your community?
2. Record Use a webcam, cellphone, or video camera. Videos should be:
  • Approximately 1-3 minutes long
  • Begin with an introduction (last name optional) and mention the subject's relationship to Head Start
  • Use "window of opportunity" language to talk about "keeping the window open" as appropriate
  • Authentic - we ask recorders to let the subjects tell their stories in their own words

3. Upload Post your video to YouTube and e-mail a link to your video to Emmalie Dropkin at to have it posted to this site. By sure to include your program name so your video counts toward the program challenge! The presentation below offers support for uploading videos to YouTube. If you are unable to do so, contact Emmalie about posting through the NHSA YouTube account.

We welcome members of the Head Start community to submit videos in their primary language if they are not comfortable with English.

Please Note: Video subjects may give their name on camera or not as they choose, but we encourage everyone to clearly state their relationship to Head Start. We also ask that programs get signed release forms from any parents, staff or alumni they record. NHSA's release can be downloaded at the bottom of the page if programs do not have their own video releases in place.

Creating 27 Million Windows Videos

Emmalie Dropkin,
Jan 30, 2012, 8:33 AM