2020 Junior Essay Contest

2020 Essay Contest for Junior Members

Contest: open to all Junior Members of NHMD, 5 years to 18 years.

Division 1: ages 5-7

Topic: Honoring our Mayflower ancestors through art: a coloring contest.

Division 2: ages 8-13

Topic: Games and toys the Pilgrim children played with.

Division 3: ages 14-18

Topic: What being a Mayflower descendant means to me.

Prizes for each division:

  • First place: $40.00
  • Second place: $30.00
  • Third place: $20.00

Contest rules:

  • Essay or art work can be generated by computer and emailed or, handwritten and sent by snail mail. Use addresses below.
  • The essay must be presented in your own words, not cut or paste from the web or copied word for word from someone else's work.
  • Essay and art work must be in the hands of the Contest Committee no later than March 1st, 2020. Send your paper to the addresses below.

Please direct all correspondence, questions, etc. to Junior Chairperson, Sandra Taylor-Stockus.

Email address: Junior Membership@nhmayflower.org

Snail Mail Address: PO Box 217 Nottingham, NH 03290