Thursday & Friday

 ATMNE 2016  
Vote with Math! 
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Keynote Sessions                                      
Matt Larson, Overcoming Obstacles to Make Mathematics Work for All!

In order to raise the achievement of all students and simultaneously close learning differentials, we must overcome the obstacles that have traditionally stood in the way of mathematics working for all students. This session will engage participants in examining the six principles of highly effective mathematics programs as outlined in NCTM’s document Principles to Actions, look at the action steps necessary to overcome these obstacles, and offer strategies for how we can better communicate to parents and other stakeholders what meaningful mathematics learning looks like today and why it is important.

Tom Reardon, My Favorite Math Activities and How Technology Makes Them Better – or Even Possible

Tom has accumulated several excellent activities during his career. Many of them are enhanced or extended by technology. Some of them are only possible because of technology. In his Session -Let’s enjoy some of them together.


Margaret 'Peg' Smith, Teaching Practices that Support Student Understanding and Learning of Mathematics

In the more than two decades since the release of the Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics (NCTM, 1991), much has been learned about the teaching practices that support students’ understanding and learning of mathematics. In Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (NCTM, 2014), this accumulated knowledge and empirical evidence has been codified into a core set of eight effective mathematics teaching practices that represent essential teaching skills necessary to promote learning mathematics with understanding. In this session participants will explore each of the practices and consider how these practices can help in orchestrating productive discussions that foster student learning and engagement.

Anu Advani, Sara Baranauskas, Heidi Belle-Isle, John Bookston, Laurie Boswell, Tracy Bricchi, Orly Buchbinder, Judy Curran Buck, Andrew Burnett, Alicia Chiasson, Al Cuoco, Maria Diamantis, Barbara Ellis, Dick Evans, Stefan Fritz, Kathleen Hamon, Cristina Heffernan, Christina Heffernan, Mark Jones, Jenny Jorgensen, Grace Kelemanik, Gina Kilday, Christine King, Janice Kowalczyk, Matt Larson, Christine Latulippe, Amy Lucenta, Nancy McGonagle, Jean McKenny, Eric Milou, Robin Moore, Lovall Morrison, Lindsay Mosca, Beth Quimby, Molly Rawding, Tom Reardon, Jeff  Ruscitti, Jay Schiffman, Denis Sheeran, Joseph Spadano, Greg Superchi, Natalya Vinogradova, Jennifer Wheeler, Heidi Whipple

   Friday Presenters

James Allanach, Art Bardige, Sara Bogdon, Jacklyn Bonneau, William Bowdish, Ellen Browne, Judy Curran Buck, Sarah Clark, Lisa Coburn, Ellie Cowen, Cathy Croteau, Maria Diamantis, Jill DiAntonio, Jim Donatelli, Dick Evans, Paula Feynman, Sharon Ficarra, Adam Goldberg, Christine Hughes, Nancy Johnson, Elisabeth Johnston, Jenny Jorgensen, Gina Kilday, Janice Kowalczyk, Marshall Lindsey, Jay MacFarland, Teresa Magnus, Jonathan Matte, Jim Matthews, Peter Mili, Eric Milou, Anne Padula, Amybeth Phillips, Brad Posnanski, Cristina Post, Regina Quinn, Zeba Race, Molly Rawding, Pamela Rawson, Tom Reardon, Ann Elise Record, Myla Ross, Susie Schneider, Karen Schroder, Debbie Seidell, McKenna Shannan, Denis Sheeran, Craig Sheil, Sarah Sherr, Amanda Silva, Peg Smith, Susanne Styles, Shawn Towle, Kirk Walters, Kara Watson, Barbara West, Stephanie Wheeler, Susan Wood, Steve Yurek