Presenter Materials

 Session # /Presenter  Resources:
 #2 Metacognition and Math Fluency in the Primary and Elementary Classroom/ Jennifer Wheeler 

Jennifer Wheeler Session 2

 #7 Family Math Night To Go!/ Heidi Belle-Isle 

Heidi Belle-Isle Session 7

 #8 Read Like a Mathematician:  The 3 Reads Instructional Routine/ Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta 

G Kelemanik Session 8

 #21 Addition and Subtraction - It's More Than Just 'Adding' and 'Taking Away'/ Gina Kilday
 #22 Making Fact Fluency Assessments Meaningful/Robin Moore

Robin Moore Session 22

 #24 An Introduction to Number Talks/ Kathy Hamon 

Kathy Hamon Session 24

 #25 Not All Math Practices are Equal: A Framework for Teaching the SMPs/ Amy Lucenta and Grace Kelemanik 

Amy Lucenta Session 25

 #26 Truth, Lies, and Statistics: Data Analysis in Middle School/ Mark Jones 

Mark Jones Session 26

 #27 Problems of the Week and Month - Learning to Communicate/ John Bookston

John Bookston Session 27

 #29 Addressing Student Misconceptions and How to Alleviate Them/Jay Schiffman 

Jay Schiffman Session 29

 #32 Growing Statistical Thinkers Before the 6th Grade/ Christine Latulippe 

Christine Latulippe Session 32

 #35 Problem Solving Starts with a Good Picture/ Heidi Whipple 

Heidi Whipple Session 35

#40 Writing Papers in Algebra II: Opportunities for Mathematical Practice/ Lovell Morrison 

Lovall Morrison Session 40

 #41 Electing the President: Analyzing the Electoral College and Plurality Voting in the US/ Lindsay Mosca 

Lindsay Mosca Session 41

#44 Calculator Policy for High Stakes Exams (SAT, AP, ACT): Misconceptions and Facts/ Jim Donatelli 

Jim Donatelli Session 44

 #45 It's Not How the Votes are COUNTED, It's HOW the Votes are Counted?/ Stephen Yurek 

Stephen Yurek

 #48 Fluency Doesn't Just Happen / Ann Elise Record 

Session 48

 #55 The World is Messy: Enabling Every Student to USE Mathematics to Address REAL Problems/ Teresa Magnus 

Teresa Magnus Session 55

 #56 Using i-Ready to Inform Instruction for Tiers 1 and 2 within a Data-Driven Culture/ Gina Kilday, et al Sponsored Session
 #60 Let Your Students Learn from Math History in a Common Core World/ Art Johnson

Session is cancelled

Art Johnson Session 60

 #64 Better Math Teaching Network:  High School Teachers Continuously Improving Their Instruction/ Kirk Walters 

Kirk Walters Session 64

 #66 What's Normal Anyway?/ Debbie Seidell 

Debbie Seidell Session 66

 #74 To Competency and Beyond/ Cathy Croteau 

Cathy Croteau Session 74

 #75 Active and Interesting Function Activities that Highlight the Mathematical Practices/ Barbara West 

Barbara West Session 75

  #77 Using Recursion to Investigate Various Real-World Problems/ William Bowdish 

William Bowdish Session 77

  #78 Must The Two Triangles Be Congruent?/ Nancy Johnson                            

Nancy Johnson Session 78