Jalyn Johnson's E-Portfolio

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.” Malcolm X

Hello, welcome to my E-Portfolio. This is where I reflect upon events I deemed extraordinary and how I changed my own self as a student and a leader due to these events. I also discuss my SSJE Project and my career explorations in the form of a job shadow. Thank you for taking time to read more about me.

Who is Jalyn Johnson?

My name is Jalyn Johnson. I was born at Yale New Haven Hospital on November 22nd 1999, thus I am 17 years old. I am the youngest of 2, my brother Kavon is 12 years older than me so when I was growing up I had the mentality of an only child. And my mother still believes that I still carry that mentality now. Until high school, my schools were all Catholic private schools. I went to St. Peter (now St. Martin de Porres) from Pre-K to 2nd grade then St. Aedan/St. Brendan from 3rd to 8th grade. In my spare time I like to watch TV, sleep, listen to music, find the answers to the random questions I had throughout that day, or be on my phone. 


At school, I love to be with my best friends Kentea and Aziz. I also love being with my guidance brothers and sisters, even though the brothers make me shake my head the most out of anyone I know I wouldn't replace them. I also enjoy spending time with the adults at Common Ground. Ms. Aguirre and Mr. Carney I talked to the most in my senior year. Even though Ms. A came my last year it feels as if she was my woman guidance teacher along with having Mr. Carney. With these people mentioned or anyone really, I absolutely love to talk about anything, they often helps me with school work and life in general.  

If anyone is unaware I like to ask questions, I always want to build my knowledge of anything, from dirt to how the "new" astrological sign Ophiuchus was just discovered in 2016. I prefer the STEM subjects over others, finding out how the little things like how can the absence or overabundance of hormones can affect a human to the weird things like when one is upside-down eating why is gravity ineffective and the swallowed object ends up in my stomach.

My post-highschool plan is to become a lawyer, either criminal or environmental, neither a STEM subject really. Law is more the English side of subjects, which I like too just not as much. Eventually allowing me to own a farm used to help educated others and not for profit. I believe food is a pathway to education, students are told from a young age breakfast helps them in school throughout the day. And in order to experience longevity one must eat healthy, but if they are unaware this will result in premature death. This is a part of my Senior Project which you can read more about under the "SSJE Project" Tab.



What is "leadership" to me?

My definition of leadership is different than Webster who explains it as:

  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.
    "different styles of leadership"
    synonyms:guidance, direction, control, management, superintendence, supervision; 

To me leadership is more than that. Leadership is someone who possesses four important qualities/skills even when not in a leader role. The four qualities/skills a leader should have are: Sense of Humor the ability of seeing the lighter side of a situation, Self-Discipline the ability to control your actions and behave appropriately, be a Risk-Taker the courage of beginning a course of action although failure's a possibility. Risk-Takers often know success is not guaranteed, yet more can be learned from failure than success, and a Visionary/Re-Imagination Visionary is the ability to see a bigger picture, one who imagines possibilities. Re-Imagination the ability to imagine how something existing can be different. A leader should also let their teammates always know there's hope when the situation looks as if it will be otherwise. A leader doesn't have to have all of the qualities/skills I listed, but a great and effective leader to me has most.

I believe I do possess and display these qualities daily. I am known for my sense of humor, I always smile in fact most people know me for laughing and smiling and if I don't do it, people think something must be wrong with me. I display self-discipline by being calm and not letting my emotions take over. If I get mad at a grade for example, I will rant in my head and then talk to the teacher calmly because I could have misunderstood the comments or the teacher misunderstood me. I am not a risk-taker as a person with their actions towards/that effect others, but in my work I will take all the risks I can. Taking risks helps me learn that I am not allowed to use the word "whilst" with Mr. Stone due to it being archaic and I live in the 21st century. And lastly, re-imagination I try to do any chance I get. I may not always see how things be different, but I try to understand the basics such as why do African-Americans only eat Soul Food. Then I try to re-imagine see why it's the way things are the way they are.