Come together, Learn together, Grow together

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Welcome to the pre-school, kindergarten and first grade collaboration ring. This is a space for sharing and discussing things that matter to us as educators. While each of us has our own special needs and situations, let's meet here to learn from each other. We can share what we do in our classrooms, ask questions of one another, tackle new learning together as well as play, create, imagine and grow.

The look of this space will evolve in the upcoming months. This space will evolve and develop from the contributions of the group. One thing I know is that it won't be clean, precise or perfect. Learning is messy. It's our sandbox where we can play together and create something wonderful. Thanks for being a part of this project.

It is my hope that the resources will be useful to you. If you have ideas or suggestions, please start a new topic in the Google Group and leave your comments. I will add any links to our resources as needed.

PK-1 Resources
 The Common Ground
Articles, pictures, and content that pertain to  preschool - grade 1 teaching and learning. Comment and begin conversations about these things in our Google Group.
 The pk-1 Google Group

A place for discussions and sharing. All ideas are welcome and questions are encouraged.

 Singing and Dancing
Looking for songs and dances for your learners? Here are some great examples for getting your learners moving.
I love this site. For 4 years, many educators have been sharing 10 favorite books on August 10th. Wonderful, wonderful lists!!!

 KinderChat YouTube Songs

This is a collection of age appropriate songs for the classroom.


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