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The New Hampshire Technology Planning Committee is working to revise the New Hampshire Technology Plan Review Process, update the Minimum Standards and design a Planning Template and Rubric that will be beneficial and useful to New Hampshire School Districts.  We welcome interested individuals to join in the discussions and various Sub-Committees below. 

Please help with the revision process by joining one or more of the groups below:

Groups and Leaders:

Minimum Standards:

Team Leaders: Laura Nelson, Pam Carr, & Linda Heuer

Technology Plan Review Process:

Team Leaders:  Steve Hoyt and Julie Quesnell

Technology Plan: Template & Rubric:

Team Leader:  Dave Backler

Yes, I am ready to help with the NH Tech Plan Process:    https://5c3981bf-a-5cc1800d-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/nheon.org/nhdrc-collaboration-ring/nhtechplan/Screen%20Shot%202012-11-07%20at%201.44.23%20PM.png?attachauth=ANoY7cr1EUkY69x80fIoO4ovYrRDsh_YdSwrYU26_TJQl4O4Dwm1fXGcA_TVSdHEEo_2WAxLhcFZz53Bdgpjr1hnC7K4nhQP17GZU6Mm6zL3l4qrIOzFaG_2pw5AkSafRmNuE0cMHK4DUrsiod5gqpnCpOleldxU3CB6zN8HkYing6B-EgAWHn_7fd3UCFQzeG-A0iRlGHOyleAGa-ncGnYFk-itlRjDfJKYV3BEG5d5SN8kX5giZ0DMVTeWRIzuXURZlvXiBhZxLMGo_D6WLyU_xiUIEEBwJA%3D%3D&attredirects=0   


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Our Group began to form in May of 2012 working with the New Hampshire Department of Education.  The NH DOE is responsible for approval of school district technology plans. Such approval is based on the extent to which plans address the elements described in the six major sections of the Online School Technology Planning Guide available on NHEON. The Guide provides resources and a recommended outline for district technology committees as they create, implement and update their technology plans. As standards and guidelines change, it becomes necessary to update both the tech planning guide, and the process by which tech plans are reviewed. 

*** Tech Plan Development Team Meeting Notes

Next Meeting:     Thursday, July, 11th - 10 a.m.-noon at the NH Dept. of Ed