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Welcome everyone to the Collaborative Ring Page for the Common Core Standards. This is an exciting concept in an exciting time. To some the implementation of the CCS is a daunting prospect. It is my hope that this page serves as a resource, sounding board, and think tank for these standards. We are all at different stages of understanding with the many aspects and nuances associated with the standards. Hopefully, together we an collaborate to come up with common questions, answers, activities, and assessments to soothe the transition to these very important educational standards. Please come, enjoy, share, and take what you need from each other so that together we are prepared and ready for the future.
I will keep an updated list of sites that may be helpful in the transition to the Common Core here, as well as collaborative sites for all the work that is shared among us. If you have sites you would like to include please (Email Dan)
We will also be looking at how school librarians will help implement the Common Core Standards.  Although not specifically mentioned in the new Standards, school librarians will play a very important role.  If you have sites you would like to include on the ring, please email me at nancy@nancykeane.com
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