Extended Learning Opportunities

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Extended Learning Opportunities

The NH Department of Education supports and encourages local school districts to adopt policies that encourage extended learning. Extended learning means: the primary acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom methodology, including, but not limited, to

  • Apprenticeships
  • Community service
  • Independent study
  • Online courses
  • Internships
  • Performing groups
  • Private instruction

We are pleased to share 
by Sheila Ward, Bonnie Robinson, and Doug Cullen

ELO Coordinators' Meetings Minutes

New Hampshire 
Extended Learning Organization 
Meeting Minutes 2012-2013
Thanks to Bette Bramante for taking this notes:

From the NHELO Retreat 4.13.13: ELO System KME Chart

Our Vision and Mission Statements
Selected by those present at the 2.13.13 meeting:

Our Vision

Empowering all New Hampshire students
to make the world their classroom 
and earn credit for real world learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the NHELO is to make near limitless,

high quality, real world learning opportunities 

available to each student by harnessing community 

resources including businesses, non profits, and talented individuals, and to support educator development.

The National Center 
for Competency-Based Learning (NCCBL)

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ELO Documents of Interest

NH ELO Study Results (PowerPoint) - Research For Action, 2016

New Hampshire's Story of Transformation

            -Competency Works, 2014

            -Competency Works, 2014

ELO Coordinator Network Analysis

            -Deandra Peruccio, 2014

Four Components of a Rigorous ELO

    -Mariane Gfroerer, NH Department of Education

    - NCIE at the University of New Hampshire

     - UMass Donhue Institute, on the Nellie Mae pilot 

     - NH DOE, 2007

         - NH DOE, 2010

        - Alliance for Excellent Education, 2011

        - Harvard Family Research Project, 2011

Developed by Betsy Street, Doug Cullen, Steve Bigaj, Sheila Mahon

         - CompetencyWorks, Innovation Lab Network, 2013

    Next Steps NH: College, Career, & Life Readiness  -  Bureau of Special Education  - NHDOE

          - a website about ELOs

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