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    Welcome to the Inclusion Collaboration Ring!
    This Collaboration Ring is for anyone interested in working with others to promote the successful inclusion of students with various disabilities ages Pre-K through 21. Participants are invited to converse, get help, share resources, and develop shared projects.  The key is We!! Together we are better!

      Inclusive Schools:

    • presume all students are competent;
    • welcome all students  as valued members of all general education classes and extra-curricular activities in their local schools;
    • support all students to fully participate and learn alongside their same-age peers in general education instruction based on the general curriculum; and,
    • support all students to have reciprocal social relationships.
    Resources To Help Make Inclusion Work
    Below are resources you might find interesting and useful relating to inclusive education. Click on a topic in one of the boxes and you will find resources on that topic. Within each resource list there may be downloadable documents, videos, and website links. Within each topic box there is an opportunity to submit your own resources to add to the collection. Think of all the resources we will have if everyone adds just one thing! Keep your efforts going and encourage others to join our Inclusion Collaboration Ring. Every effort leads to change. Enjoy Your Browsing!

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      If you have an additional topic that you would like added, please email Vicki at vtherrien@sau53.org