HS Science

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Welcome to the high school science collaboration ring.  This space will be dedicated to sharing and discussing of science education in grades 9-12.  Two major focuses of this collaboration will be on the development of inquiry learning in our science classes and also the implementation of the common core.  My hope is that this space will allow us to share our successes, our struggles; ask questions, and receive input from others. My goal is that collaboration through this site will open new possibilities for all of us and will allow us to make each of our classrooms innovative and successful places for STEM education.

Resources will be separated by discipline.  To start the five main discipline pages have been created but additional pages will be added based upon need.

 Content AreasGeneral Resources
 BiologyProfessional Development Calendar 
  Physical ScienceTechnology Resources 
 ChemistryWriting and Book Resources
 PhysicsCollaboration Projects 
 Earth Science 

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 Google Group Topic for the Month of May: 
What piece of equipment do you find most useful in 
your science classroom and why?

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