Starting a Collaborative Ring

What is a Collaborative Ring

Collaboration Ring is a group of teachers who are interested in working with other teachers and classrooms with similar focus or interest. This could be a group formed along traditional grade level and subject lines or by other concepts such as Project Based learning or Bring your Own Devices.  Participants are connected with a Google Site and Google Group to get help, share resources or develop shared projects.

A Collaborative Ring consists of two parts a Google Group and and a Google Site. The group is the email listserv that goes out to members when ever a message is posted. The site it the permanent web location for the site, a repository for Ring information. Either components could stand alone. Together they provide a push out to interested individuals (through the email to the group) and a pull of archived resources (through the site). No Ring will be interesting or worth joining without content. The content is where you come in.

Commitment for the Grant

  • Moderate/Managing the Google Group
  • Reach out to interested participants with at least two posts a month on the Group or Site,
  • Customize the Google Site to meet the needs of the groups interest, and
  • Regularly post relevant links and at least one collaborative project on the Site

Getting Started with Your Google Site

Your Google Site provides a homebase for your ring.

Organizing your site - Adding new pages and linking from the landing (front) page

To add a new page use the + button at the top of the page. Make sure to add new pages under your page topic. It will then show at the bottom of the page. It will not create a tab. 

Actually because this project is set up as one big site, there is no way to add tabs to only one location.  People have been organizing their pages in a couple of ways.

Creating A Collaborative Project

  • Using a Google Form and spreadsheet to invite your user participation

Getting Started with Your Google Group

Your Google Group is a email list that shares a common email address. When you mail to that address it goes out to all members.  When members reply it goes to all members of the group. It is a quick way to be in communication with others to get help and feedback day to day. As soon as you have a few members post regularly (like once a week). If you get a reply or a member posts a topic. Make sure to reply so that they know you are out there and interested.  Try to promote a discussion.

Hint: Sometimes people reply to the group when they think they are just replying to one person. The message is not intended to go out to the whole group. This would be a good time to  go into the site to Actions and delete the message. See below.

Getting started

  • Log on to your Google Account and click on Groups at the top of the page. 
  • Go to My Groups and choose the group you moderate.
  • You can check off posts that you wish to take Action upon (Delete (posts), Locking (not accepting new )Topics or Replies 
  • If you go to Manage you can:
    • Directly add or invite member.
    • Approve requests for membership.
  • Most of the rest of the setting are ready to gon in my original set
See links below for more details

Current sites to the left are under development. There may be additional funding for this project. If you are interested in creating one without a stipend or would like to get on a waiting list in case there is unclaimed money, please email if you are interested.