What is a Collaboration Ring?

 Collaboration Ring is a group of teachers who are interested in working with other teachers and classrooms with similar focus or interest. This could be a group formed along traditional grade level and subject lines or by other concepts such as Extended Learning Opportunities or Inclusion.  Participants are connected with a Google Site and Google Group to get help, share resources or develop shared projects.

Current sites to the left are under development. There may be additional funding for this project. If you are interested in creating one without a stipend or would like to get on a waiting list in case there is unclaimed money, please email if you are interested.
Collaborative Rings are supported through a partnership between the NH Digital Resources Consortium and NH e-Learning for Educators. 
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  NHDRC will take responsibility for:
  • Publicizing the Collaborative Ring with the leaders to gather membership,
  • Creating a Google Group (like a list serve) for communication, completed
  • Creating a basic Google Site for posting projects and resources,completed
  • Offering ideas for collaborative projects,
  • Providing leader with support in using these tools, and
  • Compensating the "Ring" leader with $500 in gift cards.
The Responsibility of current leaders are to :
  • Moderate the Google Group,
  • Reach out to interested participants with at least two posts a month on the Group or Site,
  • Customize the Google Site to meet the needs of the groups interest, and
  • Regularly post relevant links and at least one collaborative project on the Site