Behavior Strategies

A Humorous Look at Behavior.. 
Quick and easy solutions and strategies for problem behaviors:
Sometimes it may seem like students are misbehaving for the sole purpose of annoying us but this is usually not the case. Have you ever purposely broke the speed limit so when you got pulled over you could tick off the police? Of course not!  All behavior has a purpose, sometimes it is obvious and other times not.

If you come across two students fighting at school, try to determine which student is "losing' the fight- (say it's Joe) Then, yell loudly, "Hey Joe! Get out of there!) Joe will be motivated to obey, but of course they both will be in trouble for fighting!

Working with oppositional defiant students- don't ever get into an argument, you will lose! The "because I said so!" reasoning doesn't work with these students, so you need to be prepared to:
  • pick your battle- is it worth it?
  • make sure your request/directive is clearly stated- it also helps to explain the reason why you are making the request.
  • make sure your consequences are reasonable and enforceable. You may be tempted to give a student detention for the rest of the school year, but this would be difficult to enforce!  

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