College Park will participate in 
the Division A Elementary 
Science Olympiad Tournament on 
Thursday, March 18 and Saturday, March 20, 2021.
The yellow highlighted events will be competing on March 18th (11:30-1:30). All other events will be competing on March 20th (9:00-11:45).
Period 1 events are green.
Period 2 events are red.
Period 3 events are blue.

Updated Resources can be found in the Google Classroom.

 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!
Prior to the tournament, teams will construct up to two rockets designed to keep a standard ping pong ball aloft for the greatest amount of time. 

           Backyard Biologist
Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of living organisms that they may encounter in their own backyard. In 2021, the focus will be on plants, trees and birds. Teams will be required to identify organisms from a provided list and know about the habitat and conditions required for growth of the organisms and which ones are North Carolina state symbols.  
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Official Species List
Event Presentation
Sample Tournament Event
Tree Guide
Fact Sheets
Flora and Fauna
Plant Information Center
Biology of Plants
Carolina Nature
Wild Flowers and Plants of North Carolina
Magic School Bus Gets Planted - You Tube Video
Seed Life Cycle Video
All About Seeds
BBC Plant Life Cycle
Plant Biology
Effects of Environment Activity
Soil Solutions
Tree App Information
Sample Event
Leaf You-Tube Videos
Leaf Snap App
North Carolina State Symbols
Study Your Tree Leaves
Study your Bushes, Vines, and Flowers
National Geographic Insects
Fun Insect Facts
Bugs for Kids

The objective of this event is to design and build a bridge, constructed only of pasta and glue, with the greatest structural efficiency. This means building a light, but strong bridge capable of supporting a load of up to 10 kg.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Score Sheet
Pasta Tower Presentation
Event Presentation 1
Event Presentation 2
Legal Sized Graph Paper
Tower Design
Straw Tower Design
Towers for Division B and C
How to Build a Pasta Bridge
Model Bridge Designs
Types of Bridges
Bridge Builder Game
Attaching Sides
Bridge Video Idea
What Makes a Bridge so Strong
How to Build a Pasta Bridge
Garrett's Bridges
How to Build a Spaghetti Bridge
Pasta Bridge Demonstrations
Spaghetti Bridge Engineering
 Data Crunchers
Teams should be able to create and interpret data tables, bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and pictographs and perform simple experiments to collect data, graph their results and make predictions.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Sample Event
Graphing Lessons
Bar Graphs
Create a Graph
Interactive Graphs
Metric Mania
Event Presentation
Event Samples
Sample Event
Types of Angles You-Tube Video
Using a Protractor
Using a Protractor to Measure Angles
Drawing Angles
Supplementary Angles
Triple Beam Balance
Using a Caliper
How to Read a Vernier Caliper You-Tube Video
Elapsed Time
Elapsed Time Video
Area and Perimeter Practice
Area and Perimeter Games
Time Activities
Elapsed Time
Percent Practice
Percent Video
Exploring Volume
Volume Worksheets

Marshmallow Catapult
Teams will build in advance a device constructed out of specified materials to launch a marshmallow at a target placed on the floor. The goal is to land as close to the center of the target as possible.
 Animal Adaptations
Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of various animal adaptations and how those adaptations benefit the animals.
Pump It Up
Teams will demonstrate knowledge of the human Circulatory & Respiratory system.
 Genes R Us
Teams will demonstrate an understanding of traits that may or may not be inherited, be able to explain why organisms share similarities and differences, and use Punnett squares to predict inheritance patterns of certain characteristics.  
 Movers and Shakers
Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and related land formations.
 Rock Star
Teams will demonstrate their knowledge of rocks & minerals, the rock cycle and geologic maps.
 What's the Matter?
Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of the physical properties of matter and the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases before and after they undergo changes or interactions.
 Describe It, Build It
Removed from this year's event.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Helpful Hints
Maze Talk
Writing Games
Example of Event
Building Examples
PPT of Ideas
Video of Event
More Tips
 Ecology Experts
Not Applicable this year.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Event Presentation 2018
Event Presentation
Lesson Plan
World Biomes
Event Presentation
Climate Types for Kids
Animal Adaptations Resources
Learn NC Lesson Plans
North Carolina Habitats
Forestry Information
Wildlife Information
Species in NC
Dangerous Animals in NC
Endangered Animals in NC
Habitat Loss
Top 10 Habitat Loss
Animal Adaptations You Tube Video
Adaptation Fact Sheet
National Geographic Animals
Animal Adaptation Pictures
Symbiotic Relationships
Symbiosis Video
Animal Partnerships
Symbiosis Examples
Relationships Between Organisms
Desert Geography
National Geographic Deserts
Grasslands Biome
Grasslands for Kids
Forests for Kids
Types of Forests
Forest Facts
Ecosystems Study Jams
Food Webs Study Jams
Food Chains Study Jams
 Duct Tape Challenge
Not Applicable this year.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Helpful Tips
How to Tear Duct Tape
Shaping Duct Tape
Making Duct Tape Sheets
King Kong Tower
Build a Car
Parachute Challenge
Boat Challenge
Air Plane Challenge
Wall Challenge
Table Challenge

 Body Builders
Not Applicable this year.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Sample Event
Body Systems
How Stuff Works
The Blood Mobile Video
Human Body Systems
DK Find Out
Digestive System Video
Digestive System Demonstration
Food Master
Digestive System Video
My Plate
Flashcards to Study
How the Body Works Video
Digestive System Video
Digestive System Animation
Choose My Plate
Food Labels

Fossil Frenzy
Not Applicable this year.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Fossil List
Fossils and Dinosaurs
How Fossils are Made
Discovering Dinosaurs
Fossil Facts
Name the Dinosaur
Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Activities
Fossil Identifiction
Flash Cards
Dinosaurs for Kids

 Sky Quest
Teams will be tested on their knowledge of the solar system. Topics include the sun, moon, planets, rotation and revolution, moon phases, seasons, space exploration missions and identification of constellations/stars/asterisms based on a provided list
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Event Presentation
Space Place
Google Sky
Make a Telescope
Windows to the Universe
Solar System
Constellation Canisters
Tour the Solar System
Sample Event
Sample Event Video
Astronomy for Kids
Constellation Video
Find the Constellation
Constellation Map
Name the Constellation
Constellation Game
Moons and Planets
Inner Planets
Outer Planets
A Day on Earth
Moon Phases
Moon Phases Flash Cards
Super Stars
Constellation Connection
Space Hopper
Constellation Quiz
Sky Quest Study Questions

 Science Charades
Team members will take turns acting out clues for scientific terms or concepts from across all Essential Standards for Elementary Math & Science. Teams of up to 3.

 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Word List
Event Presentation

Teams will decode encrypted messages using cryptanalysis techniques for historical and modern advanced ciphers.
Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Volcano Information
Volcano Video
Volcano Formation Video
All About Volcanoes Video
Earthquakes Information
Earthquake Animation Vocabulary
Learn About Earthquakes
Earthquake Video
Model of Three Faults
Volcanoes Study Jam
How and Where Volcanoes Arise
Volcanoes 101
Dr. Binocs Show
Volcano Formation Video
All About Volcanoes
Earthquakes Study Jams
Earthquake Animation
Welcome to Earthquake
Learn About Quakes
Earthquakes 101
What is an Earthquake
Vocabulary Words
Movers and Shakers Quiz
 Super Sleuths
Given a mystery scenario, evidence, and a list of possible suspects, teams will be expected to perform a series of tests to draw specific conclusions about the scenario and suspects. The test results along with other evidence will be used to solve the mystery of the scenario. 
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Powder Identification Chart
Event Presentation
Science Spot
Powder Chart
Powder Flow Chart
Event Information
Paper Towel Chromatography
Paper Chromatography
Fiber Analysis Chart
Intro to Chromatography
Soil Handout
Event Information 2
Event Handout
Fiber Video
Fingerprint Video
Hair and Fiber Comparison
Hair and Fiber Information
Sci Girls Clip
Footwear and Tire Tracks
Hair and Fiber Video
Acids and Bases
How to Explain Acids and Bases
 Weather Permitting
This event will test the team’s knowledge of conducting investigations and using appropriate technology to build an understanding of Everyday Weather. 
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
The Weather Channel
Weather Wiz Kids
Climate Education
Event Sample
Event Presentation
Weather Lesson Plans
Weather Links
Climate Kids
Cloud Types
Meet the Clouds
Weather Watch
Weather Maps
Web Weather for Kids
BBC Weather
The Weather Dude
The Water Cycle
Cloud Poetry
Interactive Water Cycle
Sky Diary
Polar Weather
Land and Sea Breeze Animation
Air Mass Visualization
Warm and Cold Front Animation
Climate Zones
Global Surface Currents
Tornado Animation
Water Cycle Animation
Weather and Climate Video
How to Read a Weather Map
Fizz Keeper Activities
Weather Map with Fronts
Jet Stream Video
Severe Weather Video
Wild Weather Adventure
Water Cycle Study Jams
Clouds and Precipitation
Weather Instruments Study Jams
Severe Storms Study Jams

 Planet Protectors
Not Applicable this year.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Event Presentation
Energy Transfer
Energy Transformations
Bill Nye Energy
Types of Energy
Energy Information
Heat Transfer Information
Heat Information
Thermal Energy
Heat Transfer Activity
Beat the Heat
Heat Transfer
Insulators and Conductors
Heat Study Jams
Energy and Matter Study Jams
Solids, Liquids, and Gases Study Jams
 Energy Matters
Not Applicable this year
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Properties of Matter
States of Matter Interactive
Atom Behaviors
Matter Unit
What is Matter Worksheet
States of Matter Notes
Physical and Chemical Changes
Physical and Chemical Changes Notes
Chemical Changes Demonstrations
Density Bottle
Matter Plans
States of Matter
Strange Matter
It Matters PPT
Air Has Mass
A State Debate
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Density Picture
A Special Type of Matter
Properties of Matter Sample Questions
States of Matter Questions
States of Matter Diagram
Surface Tension

 Ramp and Roll 
Teams will build a ramp and vehicle to travel a certain distance and stop as close to the finish point
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Score Sheet
Questions and Answers
Engineering for Kids
Windmill Challenge
Sample Windmill Design
K'Nex Video
K'Nex Tips

  Metric Mania
Not Applicable this year.
Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Event Example

Teams of students will use the Scratch 3.0 programming language to recreate a game that is shown to them without the code.
 Event Rules
Event Guidelines
Coding Website
Scratch Beginning Tutorial
Scratch Lesson 1
Make a Game
Step by Step Directions