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             AIG News and Announcements: 

Are you seeking ways to get involved with purpose?
Here Here is the link to the site; Kids That Do Good.

If you know a Carolina Beach Elementary School student in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade that is doing above grade level work or otherwise displays the potential to work in CBES AIG program, feel free to refer that student for AIG identification. 

AIG Nominations for NHCS students are accepted at any time. See the identification page for our county process time line.

To nominate a student for AIG identification, complete the CBES AIG Nomination Form found on the CBES AIG webpage 

(Standard 1; Identification link). 

Submitted AIG nomination forms go electronically to Mr. Dodd.

(Here is the PowerPoint for the fall 2017 parent meeting.)

Scott J. Dodd, M.Ed.
Gifted Education Specialist
Carolina Beach Elementary School
(910) 458-4340 ext. 306