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New Hanover County has a medication policy that needs to be followed in order for medication to be administered at school.  Both over the counter and prescription medication may be administered at school with completed forms and signatures. 

  • Below is an attached over the counter medication form.  It lists medications that students can be given at school without a physician's order.  Parent signature is required.  
  • Also attached is a physician's authorization for medication at school. Parent and physician's signature is required on the form. 
  • Finally, an information sheet for asthma and anaphylaxis medication is attached as well. 
Medication must be delivered to the school via parent or guardian only.  It must be in a new unopened container and have a Rx label when it is a prescribed medicine.  Medication brought in by children will be taken to the front office for parent pick up.  

Please contact me at 790-2236 x 111 for questions or concerns about medications.