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Rome quiz Friday the 16th.

Weekly Goal: Describe the political and social characteristics of early civilizations and their enduring impact on later civilizations.   

Table of Contents- Rome
1. The founding of Rome 2/28
2. A New Power Rises 2/27 - Can be found under Documents Tab
3. Roman Republic 3/5 page 312-319 in text.
4. Patricians and Plebeians - HW - Can be found under Documents Tab 3/5
5. Punic Wars /3/8
6. The End of the Republic 3/13
7. Julius Caesar 3/13
8. Rome builds an Empire 3/14
9. Augustus Caesar 3/14

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Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!
  • We will be studying ancient civilizations focusing on geography, religion, economy, government and expansion.
  • We will begin with the beginning of time and cover the time periods up to the "Age of Exploration".

Daily Requirements for Class:
  • Always have a book to read.  We will be working with your language arts teacher to meet your reading requirements for each 9 weeks.
  • Always have your social studies folder, paper, and a pencil.
  • Use the restroom and get a drink before you come to class.
  • Any late work or unfinished work needs to be completed and turned in to the box on my desk as soon as you finish.