Speech Language Pathology services are provided to students that exhibit articulation, phonological, language, voice and/or fluency disorders.

What is an Articulation Disorder?

Articulation is the way words are said/sounds are pronounced. Types of mis-articulation include: omissions, substitutions and distortions.

Children should use these sounds in words by these approximate ages:

Age 3      p, m, h, n, w

Age 4      k, g, d, f, y

Age 6      t, ng, r, l

Age 7      sh, ch, j, th

Age 8      s, z, v, zh

What is a Language Disorder?

Language is the content and structure of our communication. A language disorder is the impairment of comprehension and/or production of an oral communication system. It might involve vocabulary, sentence form (grammar) and/or the function of language (social language or pragmatics).

What is a Voice disorder?

A voice disorder is an abnormal production of pitch, intensity, resonation (e.g., nasality) and quality.

What is a Fluency Disorder?

A fluency disorder is a disruption in the normal rhythmic flow of speech that interferes with communication.

Who is served?

In New Hanover County Schools, the Speech-Language Pathologists help students whose speech and/or language disorders interfere with their ability to function successfully in a school environment . We serve children from ages 3-21.

What do I do if I suspect a speech-language problem with my child?

If you suspect that your child is having difficulties with their speech or language skills, contact their teacher or the Speech-Language Pathologist at the school.