WE will be using the Google Classroom this year. All students will be required to sign up for the Google Classroom using their NHCS google account. Parents are able to request a join code. Please email me at robyn.meek@nhcs.net for more information. 

Resubmit Letters of Intent-HERE
 Student Printing INFO-
All students should have received their copier code number in their school gmail accountThey will need this code to print. There are three printers in the media center they will have access to.  Each printer has a keypad to enter the codes.

The student needs to be logged into the computer before they pull up their document to print.  They can log off after they send the print job.

If someone else is logged into the computer and a second student jumps on and pulls up their google account the printer will not recognize their printer code.  The same thing if a student pulls up their google account on a computer the teacher is logged into.

The printers will recognize computers in the classroom and also the media center.  The printers have also recognized school laptops that are logged into the county's internet.

Each senior is allotted 100 black and white copies.
Each underclassman is allotted 50 black and white copies.

Stress to students not to share their codes with anyone else.  They will not be issued any new codes or allotments.

Students need to be very careful when they send print jobs.  There is no way to delete a job if they send the document more than once.  All copies will print when they log in and be counted against their copy balance.

Remind students to use PrintFriendly if they are printing articles from the web.  It will get rid of all advertising and only print the article content, which will save them copies.

To join the Google Classroom for Mrs. Meek and Ms. Thompson-  Log into your NHCS google account. Use the dots in the upper right-hand corner to locate Google Classroom.  Only NHCS accounts will be able to join. You must use your NHCS account to access copier codes as well. 

Use the code- drkoea

To join the GraduationProject Google Classroom- use join code- 7hrqtz

Join Remind for text updates

1st block- Turn It In Code and Enrollment Key ( Must join as papers must be submitted to Turnitin.com

Class Code- 16038198
Enrollment Key- MeekEnglish    ** This is case sensitive. Must be typed EXACTLY as typed here. 

2nd and 4th block Code and Enrollment Key
Class code- 16038235
Enrollment Key- MeekThompson      ** This is case sensitive. Must be typed EXACTLY as typed here.