~Updated November 27~

You are invited to an Author's Tea this Thursday (30th) from 10-11.  It will be held in our classroom.  Students are encouraged to dress up for this event, although it is completely optional.  We will enjoy tea and light refreshments as we hear from our authors.  
Please join us!

We now know all 25 WordMaster words!  Yay!  Parents, please have your children continue to look over the list to keep them "fresh" for our meet on December 1st.  We will continue to work with them in the classroom as well.  Please click on this link for some optional online practice.

Please have your child practice his/her 6x facts this week.  We will have a test for fact fluency on Friday.  I've assigned the multiply 6 practice on Flocabulary if your child would like some optional online practice at home.

Please returned the signed portion of the interim report sent home last week if you haven't done so already.

The students will be celebrating the end of the quarter and the upcoming holidays with a hot chocolate party and movie on December 14th.  Our room mom, Jen, will be sending up a signup genius for donations.  Thanks for your help!

Essential Questions for the Week:
Reading-  How do I use context clues to help me determine the meaning of a multiple-meaning word in informational text?

Writing-  How can I publish and share my narrative with others?

Math- How do I tell time to the exact minute?  How can I use a number line to determine how much time has elapsed between events?

SS- How does culture influence people and how do cultures influence each other?