Hi! My name is Marilynn Davis. I graduated (Summa Cum Laude) from Mount Olive College (now the University of Mount Olive) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Organizational Development.

    I am the Graduation Coach for Ashley High School. Dropout prevention is my primary role. Students usually think of the graduation coach as someone who helps seniors prepare for graduation. Well, that is not exactly what I do.

    Although I would be happy to work with those seniors, it is usually the student who is at risk of dropping out or failing out that I work with the most. My goal is to get all students to walk across the stage on graduation day. If we cannot do it the traditional way, we sit down and discuss all options... traditional and non-traditional. See my "Links" tab for some non-traditional examples.

    In addition to my Graduation Coach responsibilities, I am also a member of the Attendance Council, Student Support Team, and a member of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Implementation Committee. Additionally, I am also the direct contact for any student going to Mosley. Starting in 2015 Mosley became the Career Readiness Academy and the focus is now on providing relevant job skills and Career-Technical education. Their goal is to recruit rising Freshman to the program. But, some transfers from high school are allowed. Mosley offers a smaller classroom setting compared to the traditional high school.