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Student Log Ins & Passwords

To log in to the computers:

User:  firstname.lastname (first name DOT last name)
Password: Birthday beginning with month and omitting zeros in front of day and month. 

    • February 25 1997 would be 2251997
    • June 06 1997 would be 661997  
    • October 12 1997 would be 10121997
Log into Gmail (email) and Google Apps:

  1. User Name-

    1. first name.last

    2. Example:

  2. Password

    1. Student # as is (i.e. without leading zeroes)

    2. You can find student #’s in Power School.  

    3. Students are encouraged to change their passwords once they log in.  The password must have at least eight characters.    

  3. If students have not returned a signed opt-in form, they will not have access to Google Apps.  They also need to opt-in to email to have an email account.  If students have not signed their AUP, they will not have Internet access.  Always check to see who has this permission before planning a lesson.  As teachers, you also have access to this information in PowerSchool.

  4. Remind students to log out of their account when using the computer or an iPad.