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North Carolina Virtual Public School


The North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is committed to raising achievement and closing learning gaps with 21st century innovation by providing access to world class learning opportunities for all North Carolina students. We provide the vehicle for school districts to accomplish the State Board of Education's goals of producing 21st century learners, professionals, leaders, and systems by providing easily accessible, online learning opportunities for our state's most valuable resource: its children. Our mission is to provide skills, student support, and opportunities for 21st century learners to succeed in a globally competitive world. We offer over 72 courses-including Advanced Placement (AP), world language, and credit recovery courses-to students across the state of North Carolina. The courses utilize the Blackboard course management software to maximize student interaction in each class. Our courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who utilize video, interactive whiteboards, wikis, active worlds, and online discussion tools to engage 21st century learners.

Find our course catalogs here:

To register for a class, please look over the course catalog on the provided website. Course registration will have to be done online with Mr. Marsico.

Summer school provided a host of new experiences for students in the New Hanover County School system this year. By utilizing the courses provided through the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), nearly 200 of the district’s high school students were able to either catch up or move ahead with their educational goals this summer with minimal cost to the district. NCVPS provides students with expanded academic options by offering online courses (AP, Honors, World Languages, etc.) to North Carolina students.

NCVPS student success in credit recovery courses showed an increase of 10% over 2010’s summer school success rate when the traditional, more costly, classroom instruction model was utilized. In addition to nearly 100 students who participated in summer school for credit recovery, another 104 students benefited from NCVPS as they elected to extend their school year through participation in accelerated coursework during the summer. While the initial summer school experience with NCVPS yielded promising results, Dr. Markley has stated that he wants to expand the program next summer.

The district is currently offering NCVPS courses to students throughout the school year. More than 400 NHCS students at the middle and high school level are accessing NCVPS during the school day.

Parents can visit the NCVPS website at for more information. Many NHCS high schools and middles schools have links on their school websites that may offer school specific information regarding upcoming parent meetings about NCVPS and the enrollment process.
Here are some things parents should consider when deciding if an online course is a good option for their child:

Ø These credit recovery courses are designed to support mastery learning. For our credit recovery students, the format of NCVPS allows for differentiation of services as these students work through online modules at their own pace with the assistance of online instructors. Within each module, students are provided pre and post assessments. If the student is successful on the pre-assessment, they are able to move to the next module. If the pre-assessment indicates that the student hasn’t mastered the content, the student is prompted to participate in online instruction, activities, and remediation opportunities to ensure mastery learning before moving to the next module.

Some characteristics that have been identified that support success in online courses include:
o Self motivated
o Independent learners
o Computer literate
o Time management skills (for example, summer school courses require 3-4 hours daily to maintain pace)
o Effective written communication skills
o Personal commitment
o Parental support
o Computer and internet access

Laney Point of Contact: Mr. Marsico