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05/01-05/03 - 8th Annual SLAM JAM!

posted Apr 17, 2017, 7:35 AM by Jeffrey Jones   [ updated Mar 3, 2018, 5:44 AM ]
Slam Jam - Student vs. Faculty Game - promotion warning about dangers of drinking and driving
This year's Slam Jam focus is Drunk Driving.

Drunk Driving is the crime of operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol to a level that affects the driver of being incapable of operating a motor vehicle where they are incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely.

Once you take a sip of alcohol and drive it is considered drunk driving. On average someone is killed in the U.S by a drunk driver every 40 minutes and 75% of the countries deaths are due to drunk driving. 

Sports /Entertainment Marketing II Class at E.A Laney High School has created a service learning event to create awareness for Drunk Driving.

The event we are hosting is called the Slam Jam which is a student vs. faculty basketball game and our goal is to enlighten the community by educating the public about drunk driving with a fun experience that builds comradery amongst the staff and students.

The Highlight of Slam Jam is a Faculty vs. Student Basketball Game.
The Faculty Team so far:
  • Team Coach- Coach Redwood
  • Mr. Holden
  • Coach Berry
  • Coach Tomisman
  • Coach Berting 
  • Mr. Hand 
  • Coach Noble
  • Coach Barcy
  • Coach Yeoman
  • Mr. Brown
  • Coach Valentino
  • Mr. Murphy
  • Ms. Deaton
  • Mr. Lawson
  • Mr. Eason
  • Coach Nixon
  • Coach Owens

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Slam Jam also builds cross-curricular connections with classes to get them involved and help spread the message. 
These connections help students/staff to see knowledge as interdependent and connected rather than as individual, isolated subjects. 
Students have already been around to some teachers with ideas. 
The idea is that you may have total creative control with any ideas, but may be asked specific tasks pertaining to your curriculum.
Thank you to the teachers that have signed on so far:

Mrs Hamilton (Adobe Visual desin): Logo and advertisement production
Mr Legates, Mr Lewis,and Ms Keaver (Art): "Wall of Shame" judging
English teachers: Memorial wall
Mr Prystal (Construction): Spin Wheel and materials for Expo
Mrs Cicero (Anatomy/Physiology): B.A.C. and effects for expo
Mrs. Martinez (Psychological): effects of alcohol
Mrs Carr (Dance): Halftime performance
ROTC: presenting of colors
Mrs Museke (Chorus): National Anthem
Mrs Ward (Health Science): Medical Issues associated with drinking for Expo