Laney High School AIG

Angela Jeffrey, Gifted Education Specialist

AIG Parent Communication: Receive AIG updates via text message. Click the link below to join.

AIG Student Communication: Laney AIG students are invited to join the Laney AIG Google Classroom via their school email accounts at the beginning of each school year.

AIG Surveys for Feedback for the 2023-2025 AIG Local Plan

New Hanover County Schools determines its policies and practices regarding its local AIG program through the development of a local AIG plan. Each local AIG plan responds to state legislation and the NC AIG Program Standards, SBE 2018. The local AIG plan is approved by the local board of education and submitted to the State Board of Education/Department of Public Instruction for comment. DPI assists LEAs with the development and implementation of local AIG programs and plans but does not approve local plans. Local AIG Plans are required by NC state legislation, Article 9B (~115C-150.5-.8) and must be revised every three years by the LEA. The current Local AIG Plans are for 2019-2022, and New Hanover County Schools is in the process of revising and updating our local plan for the 2023-2025 school years. We are requesting feedback from NHCS AIG Students and Parents to help with the revision of our plan. Feedback will be received in the form of the AIG Survey Forms. Please complete the survey link below to provide your feedback.

2021-2022 AIG Freshmen Parent/Student Meeting

Click Here for the transcript of the presentation


Rising Freshmen Virtual Parent AIG Meeting


Rising Freshmen Virtual Student Meeting

AIG Nomination Process 2021-2022

High school students who are not currently identified for the AIG program may be self-nominated or nominated by a peer, parent, teacher, counselor, or school administrator for the gifted program. Once nominated the student will have the opportunity to proceed with the nomination process and be considered for identification in the high school gifted program. To nominate a student for the high school gifted program, complete the AIG Nomination Form @

Nominations are accepted at any time. However, the nomination process is completed January through March of each year in order to take advantage of 1st semester grades and work samples.

Students will receive a nomination packet in January to complete and return to Angela Jeffrey @ This nomination packet includes:

  • Parent Checklist

  • Teacher Classroom Data Form

  • Student Self Assessmet Checklist

  • Student Work Samples

In February/March, a Match Team composed of the AIG Specialist, a school counselor, Teacher, and an administrator will meet to review the nomination packet. A determination will then be made about the next step. The possible outcomes of this meeting include:

  • Placement in the high school AIG program

  • Need for further testing

  • Placement on a "watch" list with the potential to be re-evaluated

  • Does not receive placement in the AIG program

Any necessary testing will be completed in time for a determination to be made about placement within a few weeks of the initial match team meeting whenever possible.

Once a student is identified a High School Academic Blueprint will be created for the student to be reviewed by both the student and parents before it is finalized. This blueprint will be maintained on a yearly basis throughout the student's high school career.

Parent Advocacy for Gifted Students

Click on the links below to learn more about the New Hanover County Schools AIG Program and how to advocate for your gifted child.

New Hanover County Local AIG Plan 2019-2022

New Hanover County School Local AIG Plan Glossary

The Gifted Advisory Council (GAC) is a parent and community organization for NHCS that reviews all aspects of our AIG program and makes recommendations for program improvement. It is comprised of community members, parents/families of AIG students, teachers, and other professional staff. Each NHC school is invited to select a liaison to attend monthly meetings and report relevant issues to the school. The GAC Liaison for Laney High School for the 2019-2020 school year is Aitza Galarza,

Gifted Advisory Council (GAC) Meeting Schedule

All meetings are from 6:00-7:30 at Spencer Boardroom

New Hanover County School Gifted Information Sessions and Advocacy (GISA)In partnership with the Watson College of Education, New Hanover County School District (NHCS) is presenting our 3rd annual series of informational sessions for parents and caregivers. The sessions focus on the characteristics, needs, support strategies and enrichment opportunities for gifted learners and are intended to help parents/caregivers deepen their understanding of their gifted child and giftedness as it pertains to many aspects of his or her life. Each session will reflect a different topic but discussions often encompass an array of significant topics concerning the experiences of gifted learners and their families.

February 7, 2019 Flyer

October 3, 2019 Flyer

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