5th Grade Science Links

General Resources

Discovery Techbook



Clouds Web Quest

Test your knowledge of cloud types

Science Whiz Kids

Everything you want to know about weather!

Air Pressure Crushes a Can

See a demonstration of the power of air pressure

Interactive Weather Maker

YOU control the weather!!

Kids Crossing

Learn all about Atmospheric Research through fun games!

Weather Fronts

Watch different weather fronts in actions!

Weather Fronts Song

Weather Fronts Song

Land and Sea Breezes

Watch the animation to see how land and sea breezes are formed.

El Nino and La Nina

What are El Nino and La Nina and how do they affect global weather patterns?

Forces & Motion


Explore this simulation to see how the friction created by different surfaces effects speed and distance traveled.

Forces and Movement

Investigate how the amount of force effects the distance an object travel.

Forces in Action

Measure the effect an inclined plane has on the distance something travels

Gravity & Friction

Click on the topics GRAVITY and FRICTION to learn more about these concepts

Build A Coaster

use what you know about the laws of physics to create your own thrilling roller coaster and then take a ride!

Galileo Drops the Ball

Click on the picture of Galileo for a demonstration of friction and gravity

Matter & Energy


key vocabulary

States of Matter Game

Explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses

Strange Matter

Quiz: Physical or Chemical Change

test yourself!

What's the Matter?

Utah Science Sci-ber Stite


360 Virtual Field Trip: Biomes

Explore the wonders of the desert, tropical rain forest, and temperate forest.

Animal/Ecosystem Games

Learn about producers/consumer, food chains, and animal characteristics.

Fun with Food Webs

Test your knowledge of how energy flows through food webs.

Friend of Foe: Animal Habitat Game

Help save the coral reef

Explore Food Chains

Understand the interdependence of organisms

Animal Adaptations

Explore how animals adapt to survive in extreme environments

Sunny Meadows

Understand the important roles each organism plays to balance ecosystems

Kids Do Ecology

Fun games to explore concepts about ecology

Invasive Species

Read about how some invasive species are having a negative impact on ecosystems around the world.

Heat Energy

Heat Transfer

Learn about the three ways that heat can travel

Conduction, Convection, Radiation

Play the heat review game!

Bill Nye: Heat Video 1

Bill Nye: Heat Video 2


A catchy way to remember the ways that heat can travel

Human Body Systems

BBC Schools: Human Body Systems Games

Explore how the human body systems work together

Anatomy Arcade

Explore each of the human body systems

Kinetic City: How Body Systems Work Together

All of your patient's organs are missing!! Can you put him back together?

Kid's Biology

Explore human body systems

Evolution & Genetics

Dog Genetics Game