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Homework is for students! All homework assignments are designed to reinforce and support learning that has taken place in the classroom. At this point in your child's academic career, the purpose of homework should be to develop good habits and routines. If an assignment is frustrating for your child, put it aside and I'll make time to work with them one on one. Practicing a skill incorrectly or reaching a high level of frustration can impede learning. As we have time to introduce technology, you will find that most homework assignments will be completed using a website, Schoolnet, or Google classroom.

Google Classroom Link

To log into Google Classroom, you will need your Google Account and Password.

Your log follows the format first.last@student.nhcs.net

Ex: jane.doe@student.nhcs.net

Password: your lunch number


Google Search: "NC Ed Cloud"

or use the link on the Ogden Homepage.

You will use NCEdCloud to access PowerSchool (grades), Schoonet, and Discovery Techbook

Username: Lunch Number

Password: Birthday with the month spelled out with a capital letter, no spaces, no commas



Password: May251977 (May 25, 1977)

Digital ReadWorks Link

To log in: Sign in with Google

Ex: jane.doe@student.nhcs.net

Password: your lunch number

Enter Class Code:

StoryWorks Link

The password is Harper217

Flocabulary Link

Select: Start as a student

Class Code: ZVSMHM

The first time you log in, be sure to "Log in with Google" so you will be able to remember your username and password.

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