This course is designed to cover Earth and Environmental Science topics.  In Earth and Environmental Science we will cover the following areas: the Lithosphere (Geology), the Hydrosphere, Astronomy, Atmosphere, and Impacts on the Environment.  We will meet all course goals as outlined in the N.C. Essential Standards.  As a result of being exposed to theses topic areas, you will be able to observe and evaluate the environment around you in new ways after completing this course.

Students in Honors Earth/Environmental Science will have assignments that reflect the inherent rigor of honors level courses. Included should be 4 quarterly projects and problem-based assignments that offer students the opportunity to directly apply Science at a more complex level. 

Ms.Stroehl's Daily Fall Schedule:

1st period-  Earth and Environmental Science

2nd period- Earth and Environmental Science

3rd period-  Earth and Environmental Science

4th period- Planning