Where Am I?

Contact Information and schedule:
Jennifer (Raspet) Crudeli
email: jennifer.crudeli@nhcs.net(Best method)
phone: 910-338-9891
NEW OFFICE: My office is now located in the media center.  (First door on the left once you have entered the media center.)
(I spend 50% of my time at Hoggard High School and the other 50% at Ashley High School.)

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Here is a link to a Stress Management website created by a Hoggard student for his senior project: https://graduationprojectstress.weebly.com/  (by Timothy Dixon)

Upcoming Events and News

The NC State chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is offering 4 one-time scholarships in the amounts of $1,000, $500, $150 and $100 to incoming freshmen men for the 2018 academic year!

As a valued partner in education, we need your help in getting the word out about these scholarships. Will you please add this information to your scholarship page and pass it along to the graduating male seniors at your school who will be attending NC State for the Fall 2018 semester?

SigEp is a leadership organization that will award over $225,000 at 180 campuses across the country through the Balanced Man Scholarship this year. Our mission is to Build Balanced Men and our goal is to reward men who exemplify the qualities of a Sound Mind and a Sound Body, as we believe these are two ideals essential to leading a balanced life.

To qualify for the Balanced Man Scholarship, incoming students must submit an application by June 29th, 2018 and enroll full-time at NC State for the 2018 term. Applicants can apply online at: http://sigep.org/ncsu  

Applicants have no obligation to join or affiliate with SigEp to be eligible for the scholarship.

Should you or your students have any questions concerning the Balanced Man Scholarship or the transition to NC State, please contact me at jrsagrav@ncsu.edu.Thank you for your time and assistance.

All the best,

Jack Sagraves

North Carolina State University '20

Mechanical Engineering B.S.

Balanced Man Scholarship Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - NC Beta Chapter

New Hanover County branch of the NAACP will award $1,000 college scholarships to two qualified high school seniors or college students for the 2018-19 academic year.  I have attached information about the scholarships, along with an application form.  The application deadline is April 30, and all applications may be sent electronically to AnneYork@creighton.edu.  Preference will be given to students who are involved in their local New Hanover County youth and college division, and, in particular, in ACT-SO .  

NAACP Scholarship Info

NAACP Scholarship Application

"The Future is Female" Scholarship due March 31st:   $3000 The Future is Female

"All About Cats" $1000 scholarship (requires essay): due April 30th "All About Cats"

CIA Scholarship:  Undergraduate Scholarship Link
If you are interested this could be an opportunity to work in a variety of different fields within the CIA: Accounting, Computes, Foreign Language, etc.  Summers are spent working in DC (for pay) and then you owe 1.5 years for each year of the scholarship.  This is a fairly substantial offer if you are interested in the CIA.

View from the Mountaintop Essay Contest in honor of Dr. King Due date is March 19th.  300 word limit.  $100 prize.  Go to the link for further information including the prompt: https://mlkandilm.wixsite.com/1968/essay-contest

Camp MED Registration is Now Open

Camp MED/ June 11th-June 15th/Session 1/Camp Location:  Isaac Bear Early College FULL

Camp MED/July 9th-13th/Session 2/Camp Location:  Isaac Bear Early College

Cost:  $260.00    16 students per camp.  Must be 16 years of age or older by camp start date to observe surgery.

Camp MED:  Possible site visits include ECU Heart Institute, Davinci Robotic Surgery Center and ECU Honors College.  Campbell University and School of Osteopathic Medicine, NHRMC touring various departments, shadowing, surgery observation, UNCW nursing simulation labs and vital signs training.

All students must attend confidentiality and surgery training at IBEC on Friday May 25th from 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Registration Form click HERE

Forensic Science Camp Registration is Now Open

Forensic Science Camp/June 18th-June 22nd/Session 1/Camp Location:  Isaac Bear Early College

Cost:  $325.00     16 students per camp.  Rising 9th-12th graders.

Forensic Science Camp:  Students will engage in morning sessions to include blood splattering, evidence collection, analyzing DNA and chemistry labs.  Possible site visits to Wilmington Police Department lab, court house, UNC-Wilmington Forensics Department, Tri-Tech Corporation and Fayetteville State University. Students will have an opportunity to analyze and solve crime scene evidence.

Registration Form click HERE

Governor's Page Program Now Accepting Applications
Governor Roy Cooper encourages young people in North Carolina to get involved in public and community service, including by applying to serve as a Governor’s Page. Established in 1973, the Governor’s Page Program gives high school students from all over North Carolina the opportunity to come to Raleigh for a week of hands-on participation in their state government. We want our Governor’s pages to represent North Carolina’s diverse communities and help inspire a new generation of leaders. Each applicant must be a North Carolina high school student in good academic standing between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years old. Pages are selected to serve for a term of one week. 

The Governor’s Page Program offers students an in-depth view of state government. During the week, Pages will be assigned to assist staff in the Governor’s Office or other agencies and departments as needed. In addition, Pages will tour multiple government buildings during their stay including the Legislative Buildings, the Capitol, the Office of the Governor, and the North Carolina Museum of History. Finally, Pages will have the opportunity to meet with government officials and discuss how state government works and how it impacts the lives of North Carolinians. Apply @ https://governor.nc.gov/governors-page-program

NC House Page Program Applications Open February 19, 2018
"Youth Learning through Serving"
This program offers young men and women the opportunity to learn about, and participate in, the legislative process of our state. It is a four day long experience that allows high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 (or 14 if already in the 9th grade) to observe firsthand how our laws are made. It provides them the unique privilege of working in the House Chamber in the midst of legislative action. 


9th graders:  Thinking about and exploring enrichment opportunities that can be added to your resume and perhaps include some career exploration.

10th graders: Math 3 is the last Math on the SAT.  Use this summer to prep and plan to make your junior year the year to take care of the SAT rather than waiting until you are a very busy senior to get started.

11th graders:  This summer is a busy one . . . 
        * SAT: If you haven't taken it (although your ACT score may be enough), prepare over the summer and the first administration is most likely the first weekend of September or October.
        * Colleges:  You should plan to do your visiting this summer and BEGIN YOUR APPLICATIONS!  Get your applications started before school starts to reduce the amount of stress you have in the fall.

12th graders:  Congratulations!   
  * In case you missed the meeting or wanted to see a copy of the DEP (course listing) powerpoint, I have attached them here:


In high school, opportunities for advanced curriculum take the form of honors and AP courses. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of these classes to better prepare themselves for the world beyond high school! 

While many of your questions/concerns may be resolved with information from the New Hanover County Schools AIG page, feel free to contact me by email with any concerns. You may email me directly at Jennifer.Raspet@nhcs.net. I look forward to working with you and your students!

Tips for Students AND Parents
9th Graders: Make sure you enroll in an Honors or AP class each year. If you encounter a need for additional assistance you can leave a message on my door or contact me through email. Remember: This year is when things start to count!
10th Graders: Consider taking the SAT. Plan it so that you have finished a major math class. There are materials available through the Guidance Department to help you prepare. Also, I have attached a few links to the National Test Prep page to help as well. (click on "National Test Prep" to the left)
11th Graders: Take the SAT or ACT. Check out the materials available through the AIG teacher, your guidance counselors, and the  media center web page to make sure you are better prepared. 
12th Graders: Make a draft of your college essays early so you can get a teacher to proofread them. Take the SAT early in the year so your scores will be available for your college applications. Be attentive to the wide variety of available scholarships. (You won't get it if you don't apply.) If you need assistance with interviews, etc. contact your counselors or AIG teacher.

The Timeline
Freshman Year (9th Grade): “Everything Starts to Count”
  • Courses, grades, credits will be on your final high school transcript
  • Become involved in activities (quality is often better than quantity)
  • Establish good study habits
  • Work hard to get good grades
Sophomore Year (10th Grade): “Year of Personal Growth”
  • Continue to work hard in school
  • Be involved in a variety of activities
  • Identify your abilities, interests, and aptitudes
  • Look for opportunities to develop your skills and talents
  • Take the PSAT (Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • One-on-One meeting with your AIG teacher to discuss college options, interests, plans, etc.

Junior Year (11th Grade): “College Exploration Year”
  • Make college visits
  • Take college tests
  • Consider taking on leadership roles in your activities
  • Search for scholarships
  • Take the ACT or SAT in the spring (March to June)
Senior Year (12th Grade): “Hard Work and Planning Pay Off”
  • September: Meet with your counselors to discuss college plans. Review your SAT or ACT scores to determine if you need to retest
  • October: Complete college admissions and scholarship applications; Apply to at least one “safe” college (a college you know you’ll get in and can afford.)
  • December: Pick up a financial aid application (FAFSA) from your guidance office; Encourage your parents to submit the application as soon as possible after January 1 and before the NC deadline of March 15th.
  • March: Decide which college to attend; Make sure your Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to the college; Send in housing deposits; Sign and return award letters; Prepare for graduation!

Adapted from:
“How to Get the Most out of High School”
Woodburn Press 2004 Edition