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Krystal Apke is my student intern this semester.  
Her email is krystal.apke@nhcs.net

Current Event due dates for 3rd nine weeks:
Tuesday, February 26
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, March 26


*Power points, handouts and rubrics can be found on the DOCUMENT tab.

*Daily topics covered in class along with Homework can be found on SCIENCE ASSIGNMENTS tab.



This is NOT a page in your notebook.
•It is to be kept on a separate sheet of paper in one of the pockets of your science folder.
•You are to keep 2 weeks of Bellwork on ONE piece of paper.
•Write your name at the top.
•You MUST have the DAY and DATE for EVERY Bellwork.
•You do not have to copy the questions.
•You will have 5 minutes to answer.

•Most of the time the answers to the questions will come from the previous day’s lesson.