Welcome to 4th Grade 
ELA and SS with Mrs Freck

Dear Students and Families,

We are going to journey through North Carolina and beyond this year as we read, think, and write about all the amazing things in the world around us.  

This is my second time teaching 4th grade and I love it!  Previously, I have taught first and second grades in Henderson, Raleigh, and Wilmington.  In 2016, I accepted the challenge of teaching technology to our Codington students in K-5.  It was a great experience that helped me ease out of my comfort zone.  

So this year, Mrs. Durant and I will co-teach two homerooms.  Students will be with me for ELA and SS and then have a block with Mrs. Durant for math and science.  But we will team up to do many things together with both our classes.  Mrs. Delo has graciously taken me under her wing and we will be planning together too.  I absolutely can not wait for the year to begin.  

Mrs. Freck