CTE Tutoring Schedule

Teacher  ClassTutoring Schedule 
 Ms. Papoulias (Room 707)Personal Finance (Honors)
Monday Afternoon 
Mr. Black (Room 706)Microsoft Word & PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel & Access (Honors)
Personal Finance (Honors)
By Appointment 
 Ms. Haney (Room 216) Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (Honors)
Multimedia & Webpage Design
By Appointment 
Mr. Melvin (Room 312)Marketing
Hospitality & Tourism 
Career Management
Before or after school each day with 1 day advance notice 
Mr. Turner (Float)
201, 312, 207, PLAN
Principles of Business 
Career Management
Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-8 AM 
Ms. Lehmann (Room 711)Foods 1
Intro to Culinary 
By Appointment 
Ms. Long (FLOAT)
707, 706, 216, PLAN
Personal Finance
Parenting and Childhood Development 
Career Management
 By Appointment Monday-Thursday
 Ms. Wolfe (Room 710)Intro to Culinary
Culinary 1
By Appointment 
 Ms. Ward (FLOAT)
512, 710, PLAN, 519
Early Childhood Education 1
Parenting and Childhood Development 
By Appointment 
 Mr. Sneed (Room 203)Core & Sustainable Construction
Carpentry 1
Carpentry 2 
By Appointment 
 Mr. O'Neil (Room 207)Drafting 1 (Honors)
Drafting II & III Arch
Drafting II & III Engineering 
 By Appointment
 Mr. Hobbs (Room 201)Network Engineering Tech I & II
Computer Engineering Tech I & II 
Monday-Friday 7:30-8:30 
 Mr. Glauber (Room 412) Scientific & Tech Vis I & II Tuesday after school
Other times by appointment 
 Ms. Watts (Room 313)Technology Engineering Design
Engineering Design 
By Appointment 
 Mr. Scott (Room 512)Adobe Visual Design
Adobe Digital Design 
Adobe Video Design
 By Appointment
Mr. Scullion (Room 209)Game Art Design
Advanced Game Art Design 
By Appointment 
 Mr. Watson (Float)
PLAN, 412, 209, 313
Technology Engineering Design
Scientific & Tech Vis I 
 By Appointment
 Ms. Gambino (Room 709) Honors Nursing Fundamentals 
Health Science II
Tuesday @ 8 AM or 3:45 PM 
 Ms. Hallenbeck (FLOAT)
711, PLAN, 503, 503
Health Science 1
Health Team Relations 
By Appointment 

Please Note - All CTE teachers are available for tutoring.  Please email, call, or speak with them in person to set an appointment if required.