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"The Counselors Corner"

News from Donna Hall-Berry: Leaving the cornfields from Iowa and moving to warm weather and sunny beaches in Wilmington, North Carolina was such a refreshing welcome to the Berry family in 2007. Since our stay in Wilmington, we have enjoyed the nearby beaches, historic neighborhoods and buildings, and for me the subtropical climate. Little did we know, that our stay in Houston, Texas for ten years had prepared us for the intense humidity in Wilmington. Due to my husband's career goals, my two sons and I have lived in many cities, and have experienced various cultures and climates, and we think of a new move as a fresh adventure and exciting opportunities. New jobs, new people, new interests, and a place where we can serve others. Prior to my marriage, I obtained my B.A. degree from Chicago State University located in Chicago, Illinois. That's where I'm originally from. A place where there are thousands of restaurants, upscale shopping along the Magnificent Mile (which is what I like to do), eminent architecture, and a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. After receiving my bachelor's degree, and a brief stint in the teaching field; I decided to go on to graduate school. I then moved to the mountain west for two years. Nestled between awe-inspiring mountains and living 7,000 above sea level in Laramie, Wyoming was an amazing experience for a young woman coming from Chicago, Illinois. And yes...I enjoyed my experience as a student at the University of Wyoming. I graduated with a Masters degree in Counseling, and did a year of graduate study in Theatre. Realizing my passion to work with students in the counseling field, started my career in education. I've often viewed my collective experiences as an educator as being a public servant to students, and the community. As a dedicated public servant and tireless advocate for students, one of my favorite quotes is by Marian Wright Edelman, activist for the rights of children who says " service is the rent we pay for living on this earth." This quote truly defines my role as your counselor.

Donna Hall-Berry


Isaac Bear Early College High School

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