Program Director

Major Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate and Oversee all NC State Testing
  • School Bus Duty
  • Coordinate and Monitor all VPS (Virtual Public School on Line Courses)
  • Serve on School Improvement Team
  • College Advising Course Selection
  • Assist with College Admission Access and Scholarships
  • Recruitment
  • Student Data

Objective:  To assist the principal in developing and implementing policies, programs, and curriculum activities in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Follow all rules, policies and procedures of NHCS, along with state and federal regulations pertaining to all school issues.
  • Assist in planning, developing, coordinating and evaluating the operations of the school.  Work with the principal to conceptualize the broad goals and vision of the school and plan accordingly to ensure that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the total school program.
  • Assist with identifying annual objectives for the instructional program of the school.  Involve the faculty and others in the development of specific curricular objectives to meet the needs of the school program in alignment with state requirements.
  • Help maintain up-to-date student performance data to evaluate student progress in the instructional program.  Assist with the supervision and appraisal of the performance of school staff in accordance with state and local requirements.
  • Assist with the development of an effective professional learning community aligned with the school improvement plan and focused on results.
  • Provide leadership and to supervise the planning, development and establishment of new, modified or improved programs, services and activities. 
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by the Principal.

Nov 16, 2015, 10:58 AM